Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ideas spring to mind.

I'm in a somewhat better mood today than yesterday. Still overwhelmed, but that's not going away anytime soon!

I had a nice flash of inspiration in the shower (my mind wanders a lot when I'm washing all this hair!), and I figured out how I wanted to do a certain necklace... The one involving the pretty hammered brass key that I bought at gem show. I'll probably make it tomorrow. I thought of taking it to the game today, but I'd rather do it at home where I can change things around more easily if need be.

Last night I went ahead and started Iron Council, because I couldn't sleep. I'm finding that it's not quite grabbing me in the same way that the previous two books did. Maybe it will get better. One thing that I do like is that the author chose to let his city evolve and change in the 20-25 years between the first two novels and this one. Some fantasy worlds get locked into too much of a status quo, and they feel stagnant. There was just enough change that it feels like a believable level of advancement, and keeps the same feel of the city. New technology, social changes due to events in previous books, interesting stuff like that. If only the characters didn't feel so boring and distant.

I need to go get ready for today's game. I'm playing a totally atypical character for me, in many ways. We'll see if that works out.


  1. It's good to play different characters every now and then -- I found I was better at predicting how they'd act if I played them.

  2. I tend to vary my characters, different professions and personalities, but I mostly tend towards goodie-two-shoes healer or support classes. This character was a mean, evil, gunslinger. Kind of fun, except I didn't like the game, so I went home early.