Thursday, April 17, 2008

The house!

Weee, I am beat. Last night was some epic gaming as we ended a two-year-long storyline, and we stayed up way too late to do it. Then today we had to go have inspection day at the house! While I was there I snapped some pictures, and here is a front shot. I probably should have snapped it right when we got there, so half the house wouldn't be obscured by the shade of the giant mesquite tree. Have I mentioned how much I love trees? The house has a lot of them, including orange, peach, and kumquat trees!

The inspection went well and so far everything is looking good for our future as home owners. Hurrah! I'm afraid I have to keep this short, though, as now I have to go send out a bunch of e-mails with nitty-gritty details.


  1. Wow AJ!!! this is so exciting for you!! When would the moving day be? Have you started packing all your beads yet?
    Cheers, Denise

  2. Oh, a single story house! I think shade is good out there!

  3. Moving day will be sometime after June 11th! I haven't started packing beads, per se, but I have started cleaning up the beadroom. It is clutter city right now, and my desk in there is piled with UFOs, stray supplies, and stuff.

    Most houses in Tucson are single-story, except for the old Victorian-style ones down around UofA (they're beautiful!), and the new "oh crud, we're running out of room, time to build up instead of out" developments.

    Shade is amazing out here :) It felt so nice to stand in it yesterday! The space between our house and the next had kumquat trees, and they also provide a lot of shade.