Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good things coming tomorrow.

I finished my choker this afternoon, and I have to say, it looks incredible. It's another one of those "wish I could keep it" sort of pieces, not that I have anything to wear it with. I'll be posting it on my website tomorrow. It's been a fun past few days working on this piece -- except for the fact that my thread kept catching on the chair lever. Stupid lever!

With that done, I need to put my focus back on Locked Away. I have an order from Earthenwood Studios due within the next week or two, and I want to be free to play with those beads when they arrive. That means that I need to finish what I've got going on right now! Hopefully this time around the beads will behave.

I picked up The Beaded Garden by Diane Fitzgerald last night. I think that between it and Barbara Grainger's book, I should he able to make just about any sort of flower, leaf or vine that I want, plus a few insects.

In the meantime, I've got to go get ready for tonight's game. Once again I'm playing a new character, and this one should work out better than Saturday's did.


  1. The Beaded Garden is a great book. I've made the thistle, orchid, and many, many herringbone flowers.

  2. Christina, I'm pretty excited to try things out from that book! I'm finding that I really prefer books with a lot of open-ended techniques, instead of specific projects.

    Marilee, thank you :D