Friday, April 18, 2008

I want to play with clay!

I'm not going to talk about more house stuff, but this is a picture that I took outside of the house. Isn't it a pretty flower? I should really learn to use my macro mode, so pictures like this would come out even nicer.

Today I received my copy of Christi Friesen's Down Under book, which shows how to make lots of Australian-themed polymer pieces. It was fun to read, and now I want to make an echidna. I fell in love with them years ago, when I read about them in some school book. I really don't have a good spot to work with clay right now, though. Maybe once I get things a little more cleaned up.

I'm feeling pretty tired. I'm glad that it's Friday, so Chris won't be getting up early and phoning it up all morning, so maybe I can get some good sleep. We also don't have any gaming, so I think we'll be home-bound for most of the weekend, other than a couple nearby errands. I have a lot of things I want to do around here, including hopefully some work on Locked Away, which I haven't touched since I posted the last update on it.


  1. Have you taken any of Christie's classes? They are the most fun. I have to get her new book. I have all the others.


  2. The flower looks like Rose of Sharon, but the leaves look wrong.

  3. Arline, I haven't taken a class with her yet, but I'd love to! Both of my parents have and they had a great time :)

    Marilee, the seller said it was called a Mile A Minute plant (I can only assume that's a comment on how fast it grows). It was a vine that was growing on the trellis by the front door, and on some of the fence.

  4. Oh, I've heard of Mile A Minute! Yes, it does grow quickly.