Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Driving like a driving fool.

Just a quick update for those who are cheering along my driving progress... Though I'm not quite ready for rush hour yet, I'm at the point where I'm confident enough to drive on any road in Tucson now. I'm still having a little trouble getting the right speed for turns, and my parking skills are atrocious, but I can get around town. Chris is of course taking advantage of this ;)

In other news, we saw 9 today, and it was really awesome. Gorgeous graphics, engaging story, lots of suspenseful action. I'll save my full review for the e-zine I write for, but I do highly recommend it. Just bear in mind that it may be too intense for little kids! There's plenty of death and scary robot monsters.


  1. I want to see 9 also. Our paper only gave it a 2...can you believe that? But then they rarely rate scifi/fantasy higher than that. But I DO want to see it. The creatures are awesome looking. I'm thinking

  2. Good news about the driving! When can you get your license?

  3. Dot, dolls inspired by 9 would be crazy awesome! You should definitely ignore the paper and go see the movie.

    Marilee, I need to double-check the rules, but I think I can't start testing for my license until December (5 months after the issue of my learner's permit). I'll probably need that much time to master parking anyway! Still have to learn parallel parking, too.