Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beading break

I decided to take a short break from beading this evening, since I spent all of yesterday evening and this afternoon (minus Yoga class) beading. Cthulhu's right leg is almost done, as is my brooch for swapping. Though I like this brooch so much that it will be hard to let it go! I'll have to get more cabs from Dolly in February, they're simply beautiful.

Tomorrow, Chris will be in CA for a business trip (flying out early morning, flying home late at night), so I'll again spend almost all day beading -- though time will also have to be made for laundry and packing. I have to get out my winter clothes, because it's going to be COLD in Tahoe. I have to find the pretty chenille scarf that Mom made for me, which I've worn all of once because I live in the desert. And I have to somehow fit 5 days worth of clothes, beads, jewelry, oatmeal, tea and toiletries plus my laptop, digital camera, and a book into one checked bag, one carry-on, and one personal item. Too bad Chris won't be home to help me pack, he's really good at it. I always say "You'll never fit all that into one bag" and yet he makes it happen.


  1. layers, because it'll prolly be kind of nice during the day. pants that don't stretch out or wrinkle.
    um, can't you buy oatmel in tahoe? we californians do like it :D

  2. Yes, lots of layers! Two shirts, a jacket, and a coat... that should do it. It's going to be cold by my standards in the day, too, but I'll be inside except for the lunch break, when we walk through the village to get to a restaurant.

    The retreat is actually being held in a small village where the only have one small grocery store. I figure it being a tourist town, the oatmeal would be way overpriced... and I really like the cranberry stuff from Trader Joe's anyway, so I'm bringing my own oatmeal :) My awesome roommate is driving (she lives elsewhere in CA) and is going grocery shopping on the way... LOL. She's bringing my milk and a million types of tea to share.