Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ear Goodies

There's a special benefit at Plaza de Anaya this weekend, and since I can't make it there, I decided I would make some jewelry to donate to the raffle. So today I took a little break from working on Cthulhu and made the above items.

One pair of earrings with jade from the Rings and Things show, bronze freshwater pearls, and some pyramid pendants that I bought in NY last week.

One pair of earrings with Mingo and Asho cane glass and Swarovski crystals.

One ear wrap thingie with a goddess pendant, moonstone pendant, and moonstone and Swarovski pearl beads.

To learn more about the benefit, donate, and/or attend if you're in the Phoenix/Tempe area, click the above link!


  1. ooohhhhh, i'm moonstruck by the moonstones. must be the goddess charm and the full moon pending :D

  2. Nice donations all! May they raise good money for the cause :)


  3. Thank you both!

    Julie, I'm really happy with how the moon goddess wrap turned out. I wasn't even planning to make it when I went into the bead room, it just fell into place.

    Dave, they seemed pretty happy for the donations, hopefully they'll inspire a few raffle ticket purchases!