Friday, September 18, 2009

Belly dancer shoes

I bought these shoes not to actually dance in (I dance barefoot whenever possible), but to wear to and from class and maybe to other dance-related things. They're very cute, and they were very affordable. The antiqued metal sequins would even look appropriate with a steampunk belly dance costume, and they're easier on my feet than pointy-toed, high-heeled boots.

I also bought a night gown for my Super Secret Jammies for the pajama party at the Tahoe retreat. I was just going to wear my normal fleece pants and thermal shirt, until I was struck by Brilliant Inspiration yesterday. Now I just need to find time to assemble the Super Secret Jammies while finishing Cthulhu, making a brooch, beading a necklace, packing for the trip, and cleaning the house. Time to get focused!


  1. Those shoes do look comfy- and cute, too. :)

    "Super Secret Jammies"? Sounds secretive! ;)

  2. Love the shoes. Can you believe the time is getting so close? Just finished my UGLY yesterday. Tomorrow is our local Bead Show and then countdown begins.


  3. You're one busy lady! Did you schedule any sleep time for yourself?

    Ah well, the plane ride to Tahoe isn't very long, but you can always catch a nap then.

  4. Another good reason not to go to Tahoe! I'd have to buy something to wear to bed!

    Very cute shoes, and I'm not surprised they're more comfortable than the high-heeled pointy-toed kind.

  5. Meri, yes, super secret! Well, maybe I'll go over to the FAE thread and talk about them there, since none of you guys will be at the Retreat.

    Arline, I will probably still be working on my ugly on the plane ride there!

    SaraBeth, sleep is the one thing I'm not giving up... well, sleep, food and belly dance. I might cut back on 'net for the next week, and I'm not reading much until Cthulhu is done.

    Marilee, most of the time when I travel, I just wear knit shorts and a t-shirt to bed. I'm not a big jammies girl! I did almost buy pajama pants yesterday, though... green flannel with skulls! Totally up my alley.

  6. AJ, when I travel, I put a long top or my coat near the door in case I have to answer it when I'm in bed. Normally I sleep without anything on.

  7. Marilee, I normally sleep in the buff, too, but oftentimes when I travel I'm crashing on someone's couch or in their den, so I prefer to have something to wear! If I'm at a hotel with Chris, then I do just keep a tee handy just in case.