Friday, September 25, 2009

So very close...

Cthulhu is so very close to done... Just his right leg and his back left to do! I might even finish him over the weekend.

For his leg, I did concentric rings of beads around a Czech pressed glass bead with a spiral pattern. I used those same pressed glass spirals to accent the wing tips, then outlined the veins of the wings with bugle beads. I also put bugle beads on his toes, so they weren't beadless.

It's a nice feeling to have my goal in sight at long last!


  1. so much work. so much lovely work. i remember making medallions for a yearly ceremony i attended; beaded design in a circle about 4" wide, and a beaded chain.
    kudos to you!

  2. Wow. AJ, he looks amazing!! Great work!

  3. Looking good! The pressed glass gives him a touch of wartiness.

  4. Ah ha! Warty spiral beads were apparently what it took to push him over the edge from ugly to cute.

    Hoping to finish him tomorrow, then finish my brooch on Tuesday, then hey, I'm flying off to Tahoe!

    Thanks guys for all the appreciation and support :)