Sunday, September 13, 2009

Best Bead Today!

It was a small show today, and not very crowded at all. There were no cheap Afghani coins (I really should have bought several strands last year!), the cab guy from last year wasn't there, and Jane's Fiber and Beads did not have the seeds I need for Cthulhu.

That said, I still had fun! Chris talked me into buying a glass ring as my first purchase. Then I purchased the beads on the right, a mini-focal and four spacers in black and raku. Lousy picture, so you can't see the beautiful rainbow colors. They'll make a nice goes-with-everything necklace. In the center, some new beads from Green Girl Studio (well, the Medusa coin isn't a new design, but I like mine so much I decided I should make one up for sale, too). On the left, three gorgeous lampworked cabs from Dolly Ahles. The top two are for me, hopefully I'll have time to make them into something before Tahoe, because I have the perfect dress to go with. The bottom one is for the brooch swap at Tahoe.

I'm very happy that Best Bead has moved the September show to the same location that the February show is held in. It's more convenient, the perfect size, and the vendors who I spoke to all seemed to be happier with it. Now if they could just attract a few more awesome vendors for my shopping pleasure!


  1. is that a gryphon on that metal bead? looks very ancient. yum.
    and the owl and the toadstool make me smile hugely!

  2. Those beads are lovely- I really like the flowers! :)

  3. Mom & I went there also! I like this show because of the different artists that are there. We had WAY too much fun *coughs*:)

    I bought some Green Girl stuff too, that big fairy with 4 holes in it went home with me...she is beautiful:) A good time was held by all espically the monkey checkbook LOLOLOL....


    Good idea to photo purchases, we will have to do that next year since we already created with some of our purchases...

  4. Mermaiden, it's a Sphinx. The back says "The final mystery is oneself." I think I'm going to put it in the center of a bracelet.

    Meri, you should have seen the really big ones with raised clover flowers and butterflies! She does gorgeous work.

    Jolene, doesn't Green Girl make the best faeries?

  5. Looks like you got some goodies from my brother-in-law Greg. It's always interesting to see what people pick out at the booth.

  6. Andrew, Greg was really great! He showed me all the new designs and gave me the snail as a bonus :) I always love shopping with you guys no matter who's behind the table, you're all so nice.

  7. AJ, are those the green lined beads from last year (or the year before) in the BFAC kits? If so, I have part of a tube I can send you.


  8. Karen, thank you so much for the offer, but I have plenty of the lined beads left. It's the matte opaque I was having trouble with. But I ordered some from Beki and they should be here Thurs or Fri :)