Friday, September 04, 2009

Cthulhu is Well-Armed

Finally! At long last, I've finished Cthulhu's head (except for that pesky blank spot on the face that I need to break down and fill in) and moved on to his arm! This shot allows you to see the stripes that I did for the side of the head -- they wrap around the back and to the other side -- and the spiraling beadwork around his right arm. All of the arm work has been done today, and I'm pretty sure I can finish the arm before Chris finishes work today.

After that, I need to decide what to do with the hand. I'm thinking I might just accent it with beads. Given the fact that I only have a month left, I'm not sure if I have time to fiddle around with a good way to completely cover the hands. Not since I still have the other arm, both legs, the entire torso and the wings to work with.


  1. He still looks angry, maybe he needs water.

  2. He will eat the universe in style:)



  3. Looking good! I hope you finish him in time! *crosses fingers*

  4. are you tracking how many hours you are putting into this mighty masterpiece?

  5. Marilee, I think he's angry because there's no brains or souls to eat on my desk, only a bright pink Tootsie Pop and some stray rolls of Smartees.

    Jolene, he'll be the sparkliest Old One ever!

    Thank you, Meri, it's starting to look like I'll have more than enough time. I think the head was the hardest part!

    Julie, nah, I'm horrible at timing how long my work takes, and even more so when I'm not planning to sell it. If anyone asks, I'll say "Strange eons."