Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Something special

This necklace is very special, because it's for an artist collective that I'm joining! The Shelley House is a cooperative effort by a number of very talented Etsy sellers, a shared shop where each item is inspired by the previous one. Because we'll only be adding two items a month, it was decided that we should "seed" the shop with some pieces inspired by Mary Shelley (our namesake!), so that our shop won't look so empty for the first month or two.

In honor of Shelley's heartbreaking life and her most famous story, I made a Gothic necklace featuring a stitched-together winged heart. It will be for sale when The Shelley House opens on October 1st!


  1. oh, AJ, it's special indeed. Can't wait til the doors of The House open. I need to finish up my Chapter One piece and write my description. So exciting!

  2. Great necklace and definitely relates to Mary Shelley.

  3. Julie, I can't wait to see what you made! I'll be out of town for the opening, but luckily I'll have my laptop so I can see everything and blog about it :)

    Thank you, Silver! That Green Girl pendant is just perfect, isn't it?