Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stupid ankle

Back on Tuesday, I hurt my ankle at the gym. I don't know if it was too many box jumps, or if I stretched it too far doing dead lifts, but it definitely feels like I jacked up my Achilles tendon. That tendon, by the way, is my body's main way of trying to sabotage my attempts to work out. I would have expected my lack of upper body strength to be the big hurdle, but no, it's my stupid, short Achilles tendon, which keeps me from being able to squat and which now is keeping me from doing anything more active than limping back and forth across the house.

In all fairness, my ankle would probably be fine by now if I hadn't had the brilliant idea to take my injured ankle up to Tempe and dance on it for an hour. I didn't want to miss my belly dance class, since next Thursday I'll be in Tahoe. And honestly, it was an awesome class. Something clicked and I didn't really struggle with any of the moves, and my arms never got tired, and I had fun. The four students in attendance were doing so well that Cari, our teacher, kept picking faster and faster music and changing up which moves we transitioned to and from to keep us on our toes. It was amazing. I feel like I'm really progressing in my goal to dance well enough to perform and teach, instead of stumbling my way through class. I still have a long way to go, but the forward momentum is there.

Now if this stupid ankle would just catch up with the rest of me!


  1. Well, you sit to bead, so you should get some rest at Tahoe!

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of dance! It happens. And yet, we love what we do so much we persevere.

    If it's not better after Tahoe it could be time to visit a doctor. A damaged Achilles tendon could side line your for months, if not for life. It's the one body part you don't want to play Russian Roulette with.

  3. Marilee, I'll have to walk around the village a bit but yes, it will mostly be me sitting around on my butt... unless a good chance for dancing arises!

    SaraBeth, Chris is already bugging me to see a doctor, which I of course don't have time for before Tahoe (even assuming one could get me in on such short notice). But if it's still bad when I get home, I'm definitely getting it checked out. I refuse to be crippled, it would pretty much crush my dreams.

    I was actually doing ATS-inspired belly dance for 3 years before I started taking classes with Cari from Anaya -- I had a few moves that a friend taught me and a few more I picked up from books, DVDs, and copying what I saw people doing on YouTube -- LOL. Finally decided I needed to learn an actual "language" and how to properly dance with others, and for a bit that took the joy out of it because I went from being good at what I knew to being bad at what I didn't... but now the joy is back! YAY!

  4. Get that check out ASAP! You don't want owie feet! Just sit and bead or get a electric chart to move around in Tahoe...


  5. Crush your dreams? It could, but it won't. This is just a bit of a snag. It happens. Just keep imagining yourself performing and teaching and it will happen.

    For now you can sit and work on upper body isolations, floreos, arm movements.

    Books, DVD's etc. are a great supplement to learning dance, but they are 2 dimensional. No interaction with other dancers, teachers, being able to ask questions.

  6. Jolene, after more diligent care, my ankle is a lot better today. And I'll need to walk in Tahoe to stay warm! :D

    SaraBeth, good point. Instead of whining, I should roll my chair in front of a mirror and practice my snake arms.

    Books and DVDs are no substitute for a real teacher, that's for sure! Cari is so great at reminding us to maintain proper posture, and pointing out when I'm doing something wrong. And it's fun to have classmates to commiserate with about sore arms ;)