Thursday, September 11, 2008

They're purple!

I've had a really strong tendency lately to only make things in combinations of green, brown, and blue, so today I decided I should make some purple earrings. They're called Plummy Posies. The flowers that I used are vintage and they're really quite lovely.

I'm not feeling any more sick than I did yesterday, nor am I feeling any better. Perhaps I'm just run down and dehydrated. As long as I don't come down with a cold, I'll be happy.

Today I hit the halfway mark on my herringbone project. I had intended to get a lot of work done on it at the game last night, but I was a little too tired. With luck, I will finish it over the weekend.


  1. I'll buy these if you swap them out to sterling. :)

    And I hope you feel better soon!

  2. LOL! Why is it that whenever I make GF earrings, you like them? ;)

    Go ahead and buy them and I will swap them to silver and mail them over the weekend!