Saturday, September 20, 2008

A lazy day.

Well, I didn't get Mr. Skully-Man listed today like I had planned to. That's been pushed back until tomorrow.

Since it's the weekend, you of course get a doggie picture! This is Daisy and Maggie on their favorite chair after a nice romp in the back yard. I usually take them out sometime around 10 or 11pm, when the heat of the day has all dissipated, and I throw their favorite toy, and they chase it and then chase each other. They're very fun to watch running, with their short legs and long bodies.

I'm really glad that we decided to adopt two dogs instead of just one. I think it's good for them to be able to play doggie games with each other. They like to play with us, too, but we can't do the same wrestling and chasing that they do.

My family came over tonight and met the girls for the first time. Maggie decided that she loved my Dad, and of course, Daisy loves everyone. She wasn't too keen on Joe and Mom making strange noises, though, and started barking up a storm. Next time, they'll bring over their Aussie puppy Tailgunner for some playtime, the three of them can run around in the backyard like crazy pups.

The other thing was that Joe brought over my share of our Ornamentea order (he's making goggles and wanted some gears and things to adorn them, whereas I wanted the same for my jewelry). I'm pretty pleased with my gears and keys, but not so much with the assorted watch parts. I don't have much use for the crystals and the watch faces are mostly not faces at all, but just brass blanks. Oh well. I'll find some sort of use for them!


  1. Do they ever both sit on the back at the same time?

  2. Not really on the back of that chair, there's not quite room. But they'll both get onto the back of the love seat at the same time, especially if Topher is up there!