Monday, September 29, 2008

Mmmm.... tea

I'm in a bleh mood, I have a ton of work to do, and Chris is sick with a cold which I'll surely have within the next couple of days. But at least I have delicious tea. I bought some mojito flavored tea from this seller. I'm on my second gigantic mug of it tonight, which considering the fact that it's black tea, does not bode well for my ability to sleep tonight. Guess maybe I'll get more of that work done...

I don't think I'll quite finish my turtle necklace tonight, but it will definitely be done tomorrow, unless I wake up sick, which would suck because then I likely wouldn't complete it in time for the EBW challenge, which is the whole reason why I'm making it.

The above run-on sentence proves that I have had too much caffeine.

Oh, and a website update. We've purchased but Chris can't find my database to upload it. I've decided not to be annoyed, because at this rate, it's almost funny. It would be nice to have my site back in time for my 10 year anniversary of business, though.

And now, back to my turtle.


  1. Ah, mug of tea would be good now, too. We're in the low 70s and will be in the 60s again by the end of the week. My hand & finger joints are anticipating the cold.

  2. It's still been in the 90s to 100s here, but I like a good mug of tea in the evening anyways.

  3. It's getting cold here and I still haven't gotten up and gotten that tea!

  4. On IRC we used to give virtual mugs of tea like this: c(_)~~~~

  5. Ah, good. And actually, it's time to close the windows. I'll zap a mug of iced tea and it'll be done by the time I'm done!

  6. I love Tea Noir! Her Torrone is killer! So is the Citizen Kane.