Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's on the horizon?

Sorry about not posting yesterday, I was feeling moody and wisely stayed away from my blog.

Anyway, there are things coming up soon. Since it looks like it may be months until I get back, Chris and I will be getting my website set up on I really don't like having the 150 or so items on my website just sitting around doing nothing, and it would take forever to get them all transferred over to Etsy.

Speaking of large numbers of beaded jewelry, I think that once the website is back up, I'll be having a clearance sale. I have some very nice jewelry which has just been around for way too long. And because I keep making more jewelry, I am seriously running out of places to put all of this stuff!

I'm going to spend some more time tonight working on the "turtle soup" pendant. Note that I won't be calling that when it's finished, but it's a good working title. We're moving the Wednesday game to our house, due to various drama and the tendency of my dogs to eat my shoes and the cat's toys when we leave them at home along all night. By having the game here, I'll actually be able to have an Ott-Lite at hand to make working with those little size 15 Japanese seed beads easier. Assuming, of course, that I don't have a Daisy pup in my lap all night!

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