Saturday, September 13, 2008

Doggie Post!

This is my pledge to you: jewelry during the week, corgis on the weekend! Well, probably there will be a little dog during the week, and a little jewelry on the weekend, but I promise this will not turn into "OMG, my dogs are so cute!" all the time.

Of course, they are so cute! Here's a picture of Maggie on the back of the big chair in the office. We bought a nice microplush blanket to put on the chair to keep it from getting totally dogged up, plus I think it's more comfy for the dogs. Anyway, they both like to occasionally get onto the back of the chair, couch, or loveseat and lie there like a kitty. It's very amusing to me. It's not so amusing to the kitties, who would like the backs of furniture to remain a solely feline domain.

The cats still aren't thrilled about having dogs in the house, and the dogs don't help matters much, since they like to occasionally chase the cats. At least Topher has stopped hissing at them. He now glares at them with the sort of disdain that only a cat can show. Lira, on the other hand, mostly resorts to her usual defense against anything in the least bit unusual: she hides. She is the original scaredy-cat.

Work is coming along great on my herringbone necklace. I'll probably finish it tomorrow. I could finish it today, but I really feel like writing. With my new dog-induced sleep schedule, I haven't had as much quality writing time as I would like.