Tuesday, September 02, 2008

We're home, and tired, too!

Green chandelier earrings, inspired by the earthy ones I made for Denise. Created last week, listed on Etsy today! Tomorrow I'll get back to the Daily Design Challenge.

The four of us made it safely home. Daisy and Maggie were great on the ride, they slept most of the time and didn't make a fuss at all. Now they're exploring the house, much to Topher's dismay. Lira is content to pretty much ignore them, just puffing her tail a bit, but Topher hisses every time they come near. I sure hope he comes around! I don't like to see my fluffy beast so unhappy.

We spent about 9 hours in the car today, and I've been up since before 7am NM time (6am my time), so I am really quite beat. I'm going to grab a shower and watch a movie with Chris and probably crash not long after that. I'll try to make some sort of intelligent trip report tomorrow.

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