Saturday, September 27, 2008

I love my Maggie dog!

It's Saturday, so I'm going to gush about my dogs!

When I set out to get a corgi, I wanted a red and white one (like Daisy). That was what I thought of when I pictured corgis, and in fact, until I started researching them on-line, I didn't know that they came in other colors. The pictures I saw showed that black tris were beautiful, but I still had my heart set on a red and white.

Maggie has completely changed my mind, and now I love black tris at least as much as red and whites. Her black fur is so shiny, her markings are beautiful, and those little brown eyebrows make her so expressive. She's an adorable little dog. She constantly makes Chris and I laugh with her smiles, her stretches, the way she jumps puts her front legs up on our legs and stares at us adoringly (even though she's not supposed to...), and the funny wookie noises that she makes when she wants attention. Not to mention her utter and complete infatuation with Topher. She'll follow him all over, bark at him to try to get him to play, and sit down and stare at him sadly when he ignores her. I swear, she has a schoolgirl crush on him!

For Topher's part, he's gotten a lot more tolerant of the dogs. He always comes out into the beadroom with me when I let them out back, and he used to run away as soon as they came in. Now he just sits there, and they come in and sniff him and maybe give him a couple of little licks, while he looks on with slight disgust. He's also more likely to be in the same room as them, or even on the same couch. I suspect that come winter, they'll be snuggling together.

In beading news, I'm about 4" along on what will eventually be 16" of spiral rope to go with my frog pendant. I had all kinds of other ideas, but the truth is I only have 1 of the three greens in size 11, and I didn't want to do something complicated in 15s, not with a deadline looming. Hopefully next month's challenge will be more up my alley and I'll be able to make something cooler! I think it will be announced within the next week or so.

Tomorrow, I'll gush about Daisy!


  1. Yes, I bet Maggie and Topher will be good friends pretty soon!

    I had a neighbor walk by while I was putting seed in the feeder yesterday and Shiva must have come to the window to watch me and she said "That's a cat?" I explained that he's just a long tall cat.

  2. But it's fun to mess with people like that.

    "What are you talking about? Clearly he's a dog."

    "No, he's one of our new alien overlords."

    "Well, he could just be a stunted, mis-colored jaguar. I did catch him stalking the mailman through the brush the other day."

    "I don't see any cat."

  3. Hey, it's the only time I got to talk! This new neighbor talks non-stop. All I get to say is um, hmm, yes, oh, etc. I will be decreasing my likelihood of getting within conversation distance in the future.

  4. I know some people like that! It's so annoying! And then on the rare occasion that you get a word in edgewise, it reminds them of something, and they take off on a tangent without ever letting you finish what you're saying.