Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hey look, a turtle!

I thought I'd post a little in-progress picture of my turtle project. As you can see, I liked those green satin beads from Mr. Skully-Man so much that I used them here, too. I thought it was a nice break from the size 15s I was using, adds a little more visual interest. Then I spent a while doing a brick stitch edge to hold the base and backing together, which gave me a headache and sore fingers. Next, I shall experiment with fringe! I'm still trying to decide exactly what to do for the actual necklace, too.

Last night's gaming went fairly well. Everyone seemed to enjoy playing at our place, and the dogs definitely liked having us home all night, along with extra people to shower them with affection. We did have a small problem as people were arriving. Maggie had managed to step on a nasty goat-head thorn, and didn't want to hold still to let me get it out -- she was more interested in limping around the yard to greet all of our guests. Our friend Casey was quick to help me hold her down while Chris searched for good thorn-removing tools, and as soon as I pulled it out, she was back to her usual happy self. I just need to figure out what plant is throwing those thorns and get it out of my yard! I hate those things.

By the way, I am part of this fun "Buy and Replace" Treasury on Etsy. I bought a pretty Japanese paper and glass pendant, and in return, got my earrings featured to replace it. Check out the items on display! The ring at the bottom is made by one of my Facebook pals, and she's the one who told me about the treasury.


  1. The turtle project is coming along great!

  2. Are the outside row fiberoptic? They look like they're chatoyant.

  3. Thank you, Christina!

    Marilee, they're very chatoyant. It's a satin glass with tiny facets that looks a lot like fiberoptic. They're very cool! If I ever find more for sale, would you like a hank?

  4. Sure, I'd love one, thanks! And your box went in the automatic postal machine's box today, so it'll probably be a week before you get it.

  5. Cool, thanks! I'll let you know when it arrives :)