Sunday, September 28, 2008

I love my Daisy dog!

And now, as promised, I talk about Daisy!

Daisy is a very, very enthusiastic dog. She loves to be pet and held. As soon as one of us sits down on the couch, she jumps up into our lap. Most of the time, she'll immediately roll over onto her back for belly rubs. She's content to spend an hour or more lying on her back like that. At times she's a little too enthusiastic. She'll sit on Maggie's head and slowly shove her out of the way to get attention. Luckily we have two people and two dogs, so there's always enough love to go around.

She's also much more eager to play fetch. Maggie will sometimes halfheartedly chase a disc or ball, whereas Daisy will charge across the yard for it. Sometimes she even brings it back. Of course, this game is quickly ended when Maggie attacks her and then they have to chase each other around the yard.

Of the two, she's much more obedient. She comes as soon as you call (even if you're calling the cat...) is quick to sit, and gets right in her crate, now that I've discovered the proper hand cue to show her that I mean it (pointing straight down at the crate I want her in). Maggie knows all of these commands, but like a cat, she obeys on her own terms.

Anyway, we're officially keeping their original names. I'm not thrilled with them, they're not the sort of names I would give a dog, but it just felt weird to change them after a few days of using them. The girls are happy with their names, which is important, although knowing them, they'd probably be happy with anything.

The next two days will be very busy for me. I have to do some BFAC photography, a lot of stuff for the e-zine I write for, and finish up my turtle necklace. Expect short blog posts!


  1. I thought you might keep their names. I kept Giorgio's name and most of Cheyenne Spirit's, even though I didn't like them.

  2. I think Spirit is a cool name for a cat. Not as cool as Shiva, but up there!

    None of the names that I liked really seem to fit the girls, anyway. Daisy's name works better if I pretend she was named after Daisy Adair from "Dead Like Me."