Monday, September 08, 2008

Found Objects

I don't normally do found object jewelry, but I really liked these little keys that my friends were tossing around at the game store, so I laid claim to them. I paired them with some of the lampwork that I bought from Margaret over the weekend, and created today's Daily Design Challenge piece. I call them Keys to Faerie.

As I was writing their description, I was struck with inspiration for a steampunk persona -- a faerie hunter. Along the lines of Lady Cottington from Brian Froud's books, I could be a slightly unhinged lady in search of faerie folk. Or plagued by them. It would be FUN! I really do need to learn how to sew.


  1. Oh, those are very nice! The translucence of the beads to the solidity of the keys!

  2. I like those earrings! The keys look light enough for daily wear and the beads are beautiful!

  3. Thank you all :)

    Doris, the keys are very light, the earrings don't feel significantly heavier than the pair I made last month with the cane glass and leaves.