Monday, September 22, 2008

I made bead soup!

Today I finally figured out what I'm doing for the Esty BeadWeaver's challenge, and it involves a cute little turtle bead. To match the colors in his shell, I decided to use three shades of green. Then I got a wild hare and I... mixed them all together!!!

Ok, so a lot of beaders make bead soup. But I really don't, because I like my work to be all neat and orderly. But the focal bead is variegated and I wanted to carry that theme into the beadwork. Besides, it's good to force myself out of my comfort zone. Not that it's too far out, since it's green bead soup.

Anyway, I'm going to go back to stitching this green soup onto the green felt around the green turtle. So much for less green jewelry...


  1. LOL Green turtle in green soup! Maybe it needs fresh water! Seriously, this sounds cute.

  2. Ha ha! Thanks :) It's certainly a big divergence for me. I almost never do animal-themed jewelry.