Monday, January 22, 2007

I kid you not, it snowed!

Yes, you read that right. It snowed in Tucson. If you don't believe me, read this article and look at the picture of snow on saguaros. I missed most of the snowiness, because I decided to stay inside and be warm, and sleep. But even at 3pm when I went to get the mail, there was still a little scrap of it in the lee of the building. We haven't had any snow here in a really long time, in fact, I think that in the almost 13 years that I've lived in Tucson, the winters have grown progressively warmer. I'm really not used to this really wintry weather.

All weather chatter aside, things are great here. On Saturday night, I finished the second draft of my book! This means that I feel free to start work on my next book, which I've been wanting to do for a couple of months. I also did a little beading in the past two days, which resulted in a nice Tribal necklace for me. I'll post a pic later this week.

The main thing I've been doing, of course, is finishing up the BFAC pictures. I'll be done with them tonight or tomorrow, depending on whether I decide to give in to the urge to write tonight. I want to get them done early in the week, so if there are any problems I can correct them before gem show.

Speaking of... Gem Show Countdown: 5 days!

One more random thing: Last night we watched a movie called Kill! It's a parody of the 1960s Samurai movies, from 1969. Even though it has parodic elements, it also stands pretty well as a serious movie. It helps that it's based on the same book as Yojimbo and Last Man Standing, which is just a good story. Definitely something to watch if you enjoy Japanese movies.

Today's Cool Thing is Rainbow Flame Crystals. I can't remember where I saw them (maybe in Rare Bird Finds?), but I think they're pretty awesome. If I ever go to the bonfires that my brother and his friends have, I want to bring a can of these. Heck, I might just buy my bro some for his b-day in a couple months. Lucky for me he doesn't read my blog, ha ha!

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  1. I have also watched that movie, I do not like Japanese movies, but I thinks this one is a good movie.