Monday, January 15, 2007

Magazine shopping

Today I tried to get a copy of the Spring 2007 Bead Unique so I could read the BFAC article, but JoAnn's didn't have it yet. Instead I had to content myself with the latest Beadwork and Bead and Button magazines. Not quite as cool, but at least I got an evening of reading out of them, and there are a few projects I'll probably do. There are even a couple of chaimaille projects for Chris.

But I want my Bead Unique!!! Hopefully Barnes and Noble will come through for me.

Before it got really cold (that is to say, before the sun went down) I glued down a bunch of cabs. When I want to bead a cab, I don't want to sit around waiting for the glue to dry. It made sense to do half a dozen at once so I have a few projects ready to go. There are two projects worth for website stock and two projects worth for me. Now I've just got to thaw out enough to actually get the work done.

I know I shouldn't complain about the cold in the face of the bad storms that are happening out East, so I'm trying to keep it down. I just wish that I didn't get so sluggish in 50 degree temperatures.

The other thing that I did today was play with my Mohop shoes. I tried out a couple of different types of ribbons and experimented with different ways of tying them and discovered that yes, I can walk in high heels without breaking my ankle. I want to add some bead accents to my ties, of course. If the weather is warm enough, I plan on wearing my shoes with bright green ribbon ties to the Bead Dinner I'm organizing. Bead Dinner and show-and-tell go hand in hand, after all.

I'm going to go make myself dance, which will definitely warm me up once I actually get moving, and then I hope to finish my two spiral bracelets from Saturday. In the meantime, I'll leave you with today's Cool Thing: Table Travesties -- a webcomic by a friend of mine who happens to also be named AJ. There's only one strip up so far, but it is going to be a fantasy/gaming themed comic, and as you can see, AJ (not-me) has some awesome art.

Gem Show Countdown: 12 days!

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