Thursday, January 11, 2007

New jewelry on its way!

Just prior to sitting down to write this post, I put the finishing touches on a new woven necklace for tomorrow's update. That puts me at three items already, and I'm going to make at least two pairs of earrings for the update, too. I also have some more woven projects planned, but I don't think I'll get them done in time, since I have a few non-beady things to do tonight and tomorrow will of course be taken up by photography and suchlike.

That said, of course whatever doesn't get done in time for tomorrow will be in next week's update! I am feeling pretty inspired lately and am hoping to dedicate less time to sleeping and more time to business. I have a whole lot that I want to get done before gem show, and only 16 days left to do it.

Hmmm... I think I'll start a gem show countdown in my blog! You can bet that with as much as I'm talking about it now, I will have tons to say about it during the show, or after, depending on how busy/tired I am.

Ok, on to very cool but non gem show things! Keep an eye on your favorite newsstands, because there is an article about Beading for a Cure in the Spring 2007 issue of Bead Unique! Some people already have their copies in hand, whereas others expect to not be able to get it until the end of the month. I personally don't have mine yet, but I plan to look for it this weekend. Everybody who's seen it has been hush-hush about whose work was included. I'm pretty sure mine wasn't, since I'm small potatoes compared to some of the truly awesome work done by my friends, but I still have to seeeeee.

Other-other cool news is the fact that I just found out that the animated version of Beowulf that is coming out later this week is Produced by Neil Gaiman! WOOHOO! Previously I was thinking that it was going to suck, because many animated movies lately have, but now that I know that Gaiman is working on it, I have pretty high hopes. Not that I'm a fangirl or anything. Not at all. What I found stupid, however, is that the MovieFone listing for the movie only made mention of him as a "graphic novelist" and Sandman. Aside from the fact that his novels are incredible, you'd think maybe they would mention MirrorMask, seeing as how it is a movie and thus quite relevant to the subject at hand.

As usual, I digress. Today's Cool Thing is shamelessly taken from another blog, because this jewelry is just so pretty that I want to show it to everyone! Ananda Khalsa's jewelry takes my breath away and fills me with covetous feelings. It may cause you to drool on your keyboard. You have been warned!

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