Saturday, January 20, 2007

I am a nice, normal post.

Ok, so Thursday's update came dangerously close to waxing melancholy. Today's post shall be more upbeat. Oh, and I hope you enjoyed the Fashionable Friday yesterday!

Today doesn't feel much like a Saturday, because D&D was canceled. Our GM wanted to go to some miniatures tournament or something instead. To him I say BAH! And just for that I'm not going to his next game. Well, actually, I won't be at his game because I'll be working all day at gem show and spending most of the night having dinner with beady friends.

Speaking of gem show, are you ready for the countdown? That's right, only SEVEN days left. One glorious week! Oh, the fun I am going to have!

If you have been to my website recently, and if you looked at the proper items, you may have noticed that I now have similar item recommendations! My amazingly coding-savvy husband got that all set up for me, and someday I hope to have at least one recommended item on every product. For now, if you want to test out just how it works, I recommend looking for a black-and-red item. I linked them all together in an unending chain of Gothy goodness.

I think I've had too much sugar today, I am in a pretty goofy mood.

I've got to go brew myself some tea and get back to work now, so I will leave you with today's Cool Thing, which is a very informative blog post about one of my favorite things in the world: green beads! It makes you look at those vintage green beads in a whole new light, doesn't it? Of course, it's a little hard for you to look at MY vintage green beads, since I hog most of them to myself and don't use them in website stock ;)

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