Tuesday, January 09, 2007

On what happens when AJ doesn't sleep.

Wow, was today boring. I did housework. I won't bore you with the details. Instead I'll tell you about last night/this morning, when I could not sleep. It took me a good two hours to fall asleep. It could possibly be blamed on the tea I had, but that was only one cup and it was several hours before bed, and it wasn't even that strong. No, I think it can be blamed on the fact that it's almost gem show time (and by almost, I mean gem show is still three weeks away).

You see, whenever something big and exciting is coming up, instead of sleeping, I lie awake thinking about it. So of course since gem show is fast-approaching, I started thinking about the beads I would buy, which led me to thinking about the beads I bought last year, when led me to thinking about what I could make with some of those beads which hadn't been used yet. I came up with several good ideas, two of which will be for personal jewelry for me, but I still might use the techniques for some website stock as well.

Inspiration is nice, but I wish it wouldn't come knocking at 3-4am when I was trying to sleep!

My gem show schedule is falling nicely into place. Today I looked up colors for Spring, so I know what to keep an eye out for when I shop (otherwise I will buy nothing but green and black). This week and next I'll be combing through my current bead stash to get an idea on what I need to stock back up on and what sort of color gaps I have to fill. I might even get super-fancy and set a budget for myself, regarding how much I should spend on certain types of beads. We shall see.

In somewhat related news, I promised my friend and gem show boss Lois that I would dance for her while she's in town, which means I need to keep in practice! This will be made more fun by the fact that my husband now has a subwoofer on his computer... mmmm, loud dance music! I even found the missing iPod cord today. Go me!

Today's Cool Thing is the Gallery of Regrettable Food. Some of it is gross, and some of the commentary is inappropriate, but my goodness did Chris and I laugh our heads off at this site.

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