Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ha ha! A Saturday update!

So, I'm trying to remember to actually post on Saturdays. It was quite easy to do so today, since my D&D game was over by about 8. Kind of anti-climactic, that, since we didn't start until after 3 and there was a dinner break in there, too. Oh well. During the game I worked on a new spiral bracelet for the site and I finished it when I got home, so that will be in this week's update.

The above necklace will also be in this week's update! The centerpiece is made from leaves designed by Barbara Grainger, all stacked up and stitched together, with a pearl in the center for extra class. It looks rather orchid-like, so now I need to do one in purple. I'm thinking maybe I'll attach it to a bracelet for a corsage kind of look.

I'd post more, but my little brother just calls and needs a hand, so I'm going to close this up now and not even give you a Cool Thing... so tomorrow I will do two to make up for it!

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