Friday, January 26, 2007

Way too busy

Erf. I was going to have a website update and a Fashionable Friday column today, but it's just not happening. Doing the BFAC pictures took longer than I expected, I ran into some trouble with my jewelry project this week, I had some columns to write, and today is my last day to do things before gem show starts. That means lots of housework, laundry, and searching through my inventory to see what all I need to buy more of. Plus running errands. If I wasn't the only healer for my large D&D group, I wouldn't even go to gaming tomorrow.

The good news is that the BFAC projects should be up on the website soon, and also, of course, that the Gem Show countdown is now at 1 day!!!

I have to go get back to work now. I will pop in and out with some blogging throughout the show.

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