Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gem show is awesome!

The title says it all. Well, I suppose there is lots more to say, but to be honest, I am exhausted. It's almost 11:30 and I could go to bed right now. Normally I'm up until 3 or even 4 am. Working and shopping all day wears me out!

I've been working out at To Bead True Blue for Wolfsong Designs. If you happen to be in Tucson, come out and see us! We're in the Morning Star Ballroom. TBTB is a confusing show to get around, but well worth it. There are so many awesome vendors, including my employer (duh!), our booth neighbor Jeremy Sinkus (not only does he make great beads, but he brought in an extra table to put in behind all of our tables, so we the three of us at the end have extra space to work), Christi Friesen (who said nice things about my humble sea dragon! she's so sweet!), and Kyoto Kimono, where I bought a haori jacket today. Woohoo!

Tonight was the night that Best Bead was open late, so after work my boss Lois and I went over there. We did some traffic ninja moves and made it down there in an amazing 18 minutes during the end of rush hour. Go us! More amazing was the fact that I managed to do all of my shopping there in a little over an hour. The show is great and deserves more time than that, but since I would have to take 3 shuttles to get down there again, I decided to rush and get it all done at once.

I would love to blog at length about my awesome purchases, the cool people I've been hanging with, and the interesting things that have happened, but I am so tired that I can barely focus on the screen. It is time to crash!

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