Sunday, January 14, 2007

An Earring Invasion!

Chris and I slept in and decided to stay home today instead of running errands, since he took Tues and Weds off work anyway so we have another nice 5-day weekend. So, with all that abundant free time, I decided to go ahead and add 5 new pairs of earrings to the website!

And to almost make up for not having a Fashionable Friday column for the past month, I now present to you... The Earring Invasion!!!! *cue the sixties sci-fi music* I combed the web to find great earrings by other artists for you to enjoy.

Dusty Road

Antique Angel

Plush Skulls

Sparrow Egg

Micro Macrame


Evil Eye's Earrings

That should keep you browsing for a while! I'll check back in tomorrow. Oh, and by the way... Gem Show Countdown: 13 days!

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