Friday, January 19, 2007

Fashionable Friday -- Thoughts of Romance

Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and so our thoughts turn to romance. The stores are full of chocolates, heart-shaped candies, and cards with sentiments that range from sweet to raunchy. Perhaps you and that special someone are already planning on how to spend the evening.

Jewelry is a natural part of Valentine's Day. The large jewelry stores would of course have you believe that gold and diamonds are the perfect gift, but a lovely handmade necklace can be even more wonderful. What better gift than something unique, something that stands out from the crowd?

My latest creation is The Queen of Love and Beauty, seen above. Although it doesn't have the traditional hearts, its colors and styling are nonetheless incredibly romantic. This may very well be the most beautiful necklace I've ever made.

Of course, I have many heart-themed jewelry items on my site. Midnight Passion is a darkly romantic collar. Blue Heart and Opulent Romance are two delightful bracelets. And True Love and Gothic Romance are both lovely earring pairs.

I'm far from the only jewelry artist with perfect Valentine's Day offerings. Dornick Designs has I'm Burning For You, a tribal heart necklace. Tomoko has Black Heart, which appeals to my Goth side. JewelLace has Old Gold & Pearl, which is quite elegant. Dreams and Jewelry has a Blackened Heart Lariat that I really like. And Paper Jewels has Chinese Kiss Heart pendants, which are way too sweet.

Of course, romantic jewelry is even better if you pair it with romantic clothing. I simply love this Juliet gown by Martin McCrea -- In fact, I think it would go perfect with The Queen of Love and Beauty. For a slightly more casual, but still elegant look, I love this burn-out velvet blouse. If you'd rather just carry a romantic handbag, this Knight and Lady bag is perfect!

Sometimes romance can be silly, too, which is why I like the Skelly in Love card.

Love is everywhere!


  1. What an amazing necklace that is! Incredibly romantic. And the Juliet dress and bag you recommended to go with it ... stop making me want to shop! Those are so cool.

  2. Hey, if I have to want to shop for all these things that I can't really afford, then so do you ;)