Friday, January 05, 2007

A regal unicorn.

The above pendant is what I made my Mom for the holidays this year. I am really happy with the color scheme here, it's so beautiful and regal. My Mom works hard and deserved something pretty and just a little luxurious. The cabachon is porcelain, and I've actually been saving it for a few years, waiting to be able to make something nice. I like the color scheme so much that you'll probably see it again in the future.

Ok, ready for the big news? The new version of my website is basically done. WOOHOO! If you go there right now you'll notice some changes right away, and over the next few days there will be a lot more changes as I take advantage of the new features available to me. Next week I'll go ahead and get all of my sale items set up, so that will be quite awesome. And late next week there will be new jewelry, finally, after way too long. Yay!

And now, I ramble about life stuff. First of all, I finished reading The Prestige. Wow. Awesome book. Although I really enjoyed the movie and I still think it's great and I'll recommend it to everyone I know, the book comes out better in the end. I enjoyed the writing style, I enjoyed the slightly different twists, and I really enjoyed the pure creepy moments that simply weren't in the movie. The film was a wicked tale of escalating revenge; the book had some elements of true horror which appealed to this Lovecraft fan.

Speaking of books, we went to Barnes and Noble today because I wanted to pick up this encyclopedia of mythological creatures that I'd been eyeing for months but hadn't purchased because it was the sort of thing that someone might buy for me as a present. It's a good thing I went and bought it today, because after previously having stacks and stacks, they only had 3 copies left. I nabbed one up. Then while looking for something in the craft section, my eyes strayed over at the nearby occult section, and I saw a copy of the Necronomicon. I pointed it out to Chris and he of course had to buy it. Nothing good can come of this, I am sure. Instead of keeping it under lock and key, we've got it sitting in the middle of the living room under the class schedule for Pima Community College.

Having sated our desire for books of varying degrees of occult nature, we went over to Chivalry Sports, wherein I purchased a skirt with mirrors on it and a green turban. I figure a turban will be a good way to wear my hair up when I want to dance with fire. It will also be a good thing to wear when I just want to look cool, which happens to be a frequent occurance.

I was going to dance tonight, but Chris had to set up his new computer which required cleaning off his desk, which somehow turned into "I'm going to pile all the stuff from my desk onto the living room floor." Between his desk and the empty packaging from the computer, there's approximately one square foot of floor on which I could dance. This is a real shame as his new computer came with a subwoofer, which practically demands that tribal drums be played.

In other totally not related to business or beads in any way news, I've been hard at work editting my book. I'm hoping to be done with this draft soon, which will allow me to start on my third book without any guilt. I really want to work on book three, as some wicked stuff will happen in it and it's sitting there in my head going "wriiiiite meeeeeee" which of course makes it hard to concentrate on boring edits to book 1. Such is the life of a writer.

Today's Cool Thing is just as random as this post: The 1936 Stout Scarab. This car is at once bizarre and awesome. Mostly awesome, because it has a scarab on the front. As a woman who owns a ton of pseudo-Egyptian jewelry and who spent way too much time playing Wolrd of Darkness's Mummy game, of course I would love a car with a scarab on the front.

Hey, I never claimed to be normal!

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