Friday, January 12, 2007

New Jewelry TODAY!

If you mosey on over to the site, you will find one new woven necklace and one new spiral bracelet. You'll also find that the View Cart buttons have returned to their rightful spot. I was going to get more done, but Chris had to tweak a few more things to make item listing work properly, so I got a very late start. I'll either list more on Sunday or Monday, or there will be a huge update next week.

Also next week, we will see the return of the Fashionable Friday column! I've missed writing them and I hope you're looking forward to reading them again.

Yesterday I made earrings. You may recall that I said that I wanted to have a few new pairs for the update... A few turned into 7. It's a good thing that it's almost gem show time, because I am nearly out of earring supplies. I just stocked up in September! The funny thing about earrings is that I usually go into the beadroom with the intention of picking out beads for one or two pairs, but then as I'm trying to match things up I just find more and more great combinations and I end up making half a dozen pairs.

Today's Cool Thing is Monkeyshines' awesome ephemera buttons. You know that I love buttons, and these have some very cool recycled images on them. I like the geisha images best of all, and will probably have to purchase some soon. I haven't purchased any buttons in months and I think I might be suffering from withdrawal.

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