Sunday, January 07, 2007

Please pardon my dust!

There is some serious construction going on at my website! So far I've spent my afternoon poking around, getting things done behind the scenes, and discovering bugs for Chris to fix. Of course I would rather be making jewelry, but this is work that needs to be done ;)

Would you like to know what you can expect from the new and improved Erthe Fae Designs website?

-A search function! Since I have an average of 100 items on the site at any time, I thought this might make your shopping experience a little easier.

-The gallery will finally work! Now you will be able to see things like my Beading for a Cure projects, personal jewelry, and clay work.

-Similar-item linking. Now when you view an item, you'll also be provided with a few links for related items. Thus if you are looking at a nice black and red necklace, you might get links for a black and red bracelet and two pairs of earrings in the same color scheme as well. Purchasing coordinated jewelry has never been easier!

-Generally improved usability. The website should be faster, more efficient, and in some cases, laid out a little better.

-A big sale to celebrate! This week I am going to put so many things on sale. I'm slightly changing my focus, and so I'll be clearing out some things that no longer accurately portray my style. I'm also going to put some fall-and-winter hued items on sale. And I might put random things on sale just because I feel like it.

Most if not all of this will be showing up on the site throughout this week, hopefully culminating with new jewelry on Friday. Until then, you may notice some small problems with the site. For instance, today I discovered that when we made some changes to the order of my necklace categories, the necklaces themselves stayed in the same position... so my collars are the only necklaces that are actually in the right category right now. We're going to get that fixed today, though. In fact, depending on when you read this, it may already be fixed.

I must apologize for yesterday's brief post. My brother had been riding his bike home from work at 10pm and got a flat. Because we game on Saturday nights, he didn't call us for a ride until 11:30! Poor guy didn't realize that we'd been home since a little after 9. So of course I wasn't going to make him wait at 7-11 while I blogged! It WAS fun, however, trying to get my 6 foot tall brother and his mountain bike into our back seat... Good thing he was only 5 minutes away from home by car!

So, as promised, today you get two cool things. The first is The Toy Maker's free paper toys section! If you have a color printer (instead of a boring B&W like I do), you can print these up and assemble some cool little toys. How nifty is that? The other is this Knitted Albert Einstein hat. How cute! It really brought a grin to my face.

Back to working on the website for me! Have a wonderful day.

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