Thursday, June 01, 2006

How Seed Beads Are Made!

Have you ever wondered how they make those tiny seed beads? Since I use them all the time, I think about it pretty often. Well, this page has a basic rundown and a cool video on how Toho does it! Now, when I clicked on the video links, it brought up some HTML instead of a video, but I was able to copy the URL from there, paste it into my browser, and watch it that way. It might be a Firefox issue.

I love the parts where they have things pixelated and it says "SECRET" in big letters :D I also love the parts with the hot molten glass... mmmm, burning.

I've been sitting here working on a design for a bell anklet. These will eventually be on my site, after I purchase some nice anklet-friendly clasps. I'll post a picture of my prototype when it's done. For now, I'm going to take a dancing break.

Watch the video!!!

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