Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Naiad's Dream

I didn't post last night because I was too busy finishing the above necklace! I had hoped to finish it in time to blog about it before bed, but my eyes got all blurry and then I lost my needle and I decided that it was just really time to sleep. So here it is now.

I've titled this necklace "The Naiad's Dream" because of it's aquatic colors. I'm going to call this variation on my Faerie Collar the Dream Collar. It all came about because when I was teaching my friend how to make the collar, she said she wanted to give it a V shape in the front instead of having wide netting all around. I thought and improvised this as a possible way of doing it. Not really a V, but it does make a nice pattern, more jagged and Gothic. Of course, whenever something becomes more Gothic, I am happy.

Once I've played around with it and found a configuration that I'm truly happy with, I'll start writing directions for this variation. I'd like to have several collar variations for when I finally publish it (possibly as a small book).

My "Artist Spotlight" series will start tomorrow!

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