Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's still sort of today

Whoops! Almost missed my daily blog post. It's past midnight, but I'm still up, so I say it's still Wednesday.

On Friday I'm teaching a friend how to make one of my faerie collars, so I've spent today working on the base row for that. I chose two nice aqua/teal colors. I've been using those a lot for the past year. I mean, I had three greens picked out and I saw these colors and decided to use them instead. I must like them. I figure I'll accent it with some indicolite and pacific opal Swarovski crystals. Scan will definitely be posted when it's done.

After that, well, it's back to the dreaded BFAC project. I've decided to give my original idea another try. I've got a month until the deadline, so I need to get myself busy on that.

Time to work on my novel a bit and then hit the hay. Busy day tomorrow, culminating with happy hour sushi with "the guys." Mmm-mmm Vegas Roll!

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