Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Garnet Crystals

Day one of image improvement did not go well. I tried a few different fabrics as backgrounds. A couple of them looked pretty nice, especially the green satin. But the garnet crystals keep scanning as black.

Without a doubt, trying to get a good image is my least-favorite part about this business. Glass can be so tricky, with the colors shifting due to the light, not to mention glare and reflections and whatnot. I have many items that aren't on my site simply because there's no way they'd ever scan well enough to look like anything other than a blob.

Digital cameras, of course, have their own problems, too, but it might be time to move on to that set of problems.

Speaking of problems, my BFAC project continues to be one. I am not happy about all the trouble I'm having with it this year and I'm really starting to stress about it. Last night I lost a few of the leaf beads I'm using, and I need exactly how many I have. Maybe it's another sign that I need to try something else.

I'll leave you with this bad scan of last year's project. I really need to make something like this for myself!

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