Friday, June 02, 2006

Jingle, jingle, jingle!

Here's the new anklet style I was talking about yesterday. I finished this at about 2:30am. I wanted to have it done since I wasn't sure when I would get up today and whatnot.

It's woven from Japanese seed beads in two shades of green, and accented with silver-tone bells from India and some freshwater pearls. It makes a very delicate tinkling sound whenever I move my foot, a little softer than the metal anklets that I also make a habit of wearing.

This anklet is a lot more comfortable than the metal ones, too, no scratchy edges to irritate my skin. Once I get some nice Sterling lobsters and extender chains (and some more silver bells, I'm almost out), I'll definitely be adding these to my website stock.

Gotta go for now, busy day ahead! Catch you on the weekend :)

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