Friday, June 30, 2006

To Ward Against The Evil Eye

In various cultures, eyes and hands are said to ward off the dreaded "Evil Eye." A friend of mine had complained of getting glares from a mutual acquaintance. While I don't know if this necklace will actually stop the glares, maybe it will at least make her feel better.

Made with Czech glass, Bali-style silver spacers, and glass beads and eye beads of mysterious pedigree. All topped off with a high-quality pewter hand pendant and sterling silver findings. It's exactly what I wanted it to be! With any luck, she'll like it. I don't know her tastes very well, but all week I've had this nagging feeling that I should make it.

Of course, it required a trip to the bead store to get more eye beads (and the pendant, too. I had a hand at home, but I liked this one better). While there I found all kinds of awesome beads for myself, too, including some rhombus crystals in clear and palest green, and some awesome carved bone beads. I think there is more stringing in my future.

I didn't post last night because I decided to read instead. I'm finding that Barbara Hambly does some things that we were told not to do in class. I'm also finding that I don't care. I love Hambly's stories and the characters in them, and if she wants to use substitions for said, and lots of adverbs and adjectives, well, more power to her.

Today, I danced myself to near-exhaustion and loved it :) My teacher had some very good things to say about my progress. YAY! I have some new things to practice before our next meeting, including some cool shoulder rolls.

Tomorrow could be very drama-ful. I'm hoping for peace. Either way, I'll be posting in the evening.

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