Friday, June 16, 2006

Such a night owl!

I dunno, maybe the post-midnight posting thing will become a regular habit for me.

I am still full of sushi and tempura-fried ice cream. Soooo tasty. I took my polymer dragon to dinner with me. One of my friends is a big dragon fan and he just loved it. Always good to have that little ego boost.

Turns out that Michael's has Premo! on sale for even cheaper than JoAnn's will have it this weekend. Too bad EVERYONE ELSE in Tucson realized this as well. Not only does Michael's only have a dinky little supply of Premo! (but 2 aisles overflowing with scrapbooking... you'd think that with such a large store they'd have room to have a decent selection of more than just the trendy crafts), but they were already sold out of all the metallics, translucent, pearl, and white. I managed to pick up a few colors, but nothing that I'm thrilled with.

I've been shopping around on-line for a sword for belly dancing. There are few things more awesome than the idea of dancing with a sword balanced on one's head. After going through literally dozens of belly dance supply sites, I think I found what I wanted on a weapon site that a friend randomly linked to. They actually discuss the balance-ability of a lot of their scimitars. I like this one. Affordable, and with a huge and very cool blade. I was hoping for silvery accents instead of brass, but it's hard to beat that blade. I LOVE this one, but it's quite expensive, quite sharp (have I ever mentioned that I'm a klutz?) and since it doesn't have a scabbard, I couldn't take it to Ren Faire.

Because I spent most of the day drooling over swords, I now have to finish a little housework before I hit the hay. Tomorrow: dancing and beading and maybe a movie! Huzzah!

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