Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lazy day.

Well, I didn't do my stringing project today. In fact, I didn't do much of anything. A couple of friends came over and spent most of the day here. I should have brought out the beads and worked while we talked, but I was lazy instead. I'll definitely do it tomorrow.

My husband surprised me by bringing home Circle of the Moon by Barbara Hambly today. I didn't know that the book even existed, so I'm pretty excited to crack the cover for my pre-bed reading (sorry, Lovecraft, it's time for us to start seeing other people!). At the same time, I have a bit of dread. My writing class taught me to be a rather critical reader, and I'm worried that this new technical eye will take some of the enjoyment out of my favorite authors. Gaiman still stood up to my standards... will Hambly? I have some faith in her.

To keep things bead related, I am on a quest! My quest is to find reasonably affordable 1920s Czech Egyptian revival beads, especially the pendant-sized ones. I've long drooled over them on expensive internet auctions and I've decided that I really need some for my collection. Because I just don't have enough pseudo-Egyptian jewelry. *hides broadcollars and ankh-and-scarab-bedecked chokers behind her back* My forum pals have already helped me out a bit, but if anyone out there in blog-land has a source they'd be willing to share, I would be most appreciative.

Time to go work on my book!

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