Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Busy, busy...

The end of the month is always busy for me, since I write for an e-zine that goes up on the 1st of the month. I just wrote a couple of columns and would probably do more, except I want to have time to dance and work on my book tonight.

Prior to this writing binge, I worked on my BFAC project. It is coming along well and hopefully I'll do a lot more work on it tomorrow. The deadline is the 15th of July, so many of my fellow contributors are finishing up, too (some of them are actually already done). This is always an exciting time of the year. I just love seeing what everyone else comes up with. What I've seen so far has been great. I'll be sure to post when the 2006 gallery is added to the site.

I have an idea for a simple strung gift for someone, so I might do that tomorrow, if I have all the right beads.

I'm very happy with how my book is coming along, and I have ideas for other books later in the series. I've been getting positive feedback on this book so far, which is very encouraging and helps me keep focused on the writing.

I've been striving to write and bead every day, and so far I'm doing pretty good. Now I just need to dance every day, too. My teacher is coming over on Friday and I want to feel that I've improved in the 2 weeks since we last got together!

A few more things are going on, but nothing that I'm ready to talk about yet ;)

Time to dance before I get too sleepy to move!

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