Friday, June 16, 2006

Yay for Friday!

Well, today was pretty awesome. My friend/teacher/student came over and there was much talking, beading, and dancing. I have dance homework to do this week! Yippy!

Tried a little different variation of the faerie collar which may prove to be pretty nifty. I haven't finished it yet -- probably will on Sunday. My usual Sunday plans have been changed, so I should have plenty of great beading time.

Next week is going to be all topsy-turvy to me. To celebrate that fact, I'd like to do something different with my blog. Every day next week I will feature another artist or craftsperson whose work I enjoy/admire. Some days I may even feature several. I hope you'll check in and visit all their sites.

For now, I feel the need to go find and read The King in Yellow. Hopefully, my sanity will survive the process.

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