Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Generic Blog Post!

I don't want to get my artist spotlights all mixed up with my standard news, so here's a seperate post!

Feedback so far has been great for the Dream Collar. I have some other variations in mind. If I could just finish that BFAC. Of course, I'd have to start it back up first. Past couple of days have been pretty crazy. Spent most of today hanging out with my neighbors, who happen to be a couple of my best friends.

We saw District B13 today. It wasn't great, but it was highly enjoyable. Cyril Raffaeli and David Belle both have some serious skills and definite charm. Ok, it helps that they're also young and toned, and Mr. Belle spends much of the movie topless. The action never exactly thrilled, but it did please. Because I'm used to watching foreign films, the fact that the movie is in French with English subtitles did not detract from the action for me.

I am a bit disappointed to see that this movie was made in 2004 and just now made it here. I realize that it must have taken some time to subtitle the film... but why almost 2 years to get it to American theatres? To make matters worse, in the entire city of Tucson, it is playing on one screen in one theatre, only twice a day (it shares that screen with The Proposition, another film I want to see). I wish foreign action films would get more love -- they're generally better than American films, IMHO. Now that the theatre which most often played foreign films has closed down, I worry about my ability to see the movies I love.

Yikes, when did this turn into a movie blog?

To stay more on topic, my friends are all returning from the Bead and Button show and it sounds like there wasn't really a lot of new and exciting things to be seen. On one hand, it's a shame because I'd like to see new things on the market, but on the other hand, now I don't mind as much the fact that I didn't get to go.

Time to get these posts posted and then go dance and write!

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