Monday, June 12, 2006

Cheer up, sad emo kid!

Ok, I spent about a week moping around going "I don't know what to do, waa waa!" Enough of that. I really hate that sort of thing. I pretty much wasted a week and didn't get hardly anything of note done. Of course, part of that can be blamed on the fact that we had daily thunderstorms. In Tucson in June. Our rainy season usually doesn't hit until August, July at the earliest. It has been yuck city around here... 100 degrees AND humidity.

Now, I shall move on to more positive things. On Saturday I opened my mailbox and found a package. Hey, I had almost forgotten that I pre-ordered Christi Friesen's new polymer book: Welcome to the Jungle. Between that and her dragon book, I really want to start playing with clay. I got a little clay as a holiday present, and wouldn't you know it, JoAnn's has clay on sale right now. I might dabble that that a bit today.

At risk of sounding like a raving fan girl or a paid advertisement, I really do love Christi's work. I own two of her dragon beads -- one is seated on my desk, staring at me with malachite eyes. She's been at the Tucson gem shows for the past two years. I was really impressed this year when she remembered not just me, but my name (ok, maybe she cheated and peaked at my name tag, I dunno) after having only met me once a year prior. She's a real friendly person and it shows in her books -- they have a light-hearted, chatty style that doesn't keep them from being instructive.

Moving on...

One of the things that I've really come to realize that I like doing is teaching beadwork. My belly dance teacher is also my beading student. After we've danced ourselves silly, we sit down with some beads and I get to share my knowledge, some that I've learned the hard way and some that I've gleaned from the wise beaders on my favorite forum. It's really been a fun experience and I think it's something that I'd like to branch out into. In the course of this teaching, I also dug out the directions I'd been writing for my Faerie Collars and I realized that I really want to get the ball rolling again on publishing that in some form or another.

One way or another, I'm still going to be in on this whole beading thing. I've really been in it too long and love it too much to give up. Erthe Fae Designs is still on hiatus, but oh what a productive hiatus it will be!

I'm back to daily blog posts, too. I should have some interesting things to share ;)

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