Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Summer vacation...

... or something like that.

After almost 8 years of running Erthe Fae Designs, I'm really losing steam. I love beading but the business aspect of things really overwhelms me at times. Lately it seems like I've been stressing so much about making new website stock and trying to make my pictures look nicer that I haven't been able to enjoy beading.

So my tenative plan is to take the Summer off and refocus. Spend some time developing new products and also just beading for fun. I haven't even had the chance to finish any of the projects from the classes I took way back in February! I'll also use this time to try to get a better handle on the business side of things and look into the possibilities of branching out. At least, that's the plan.

I might just end up deciding to scrap this whole thing. Beading is so huge right now and I have a ton of competition, many of them with nicer sites and beautiful pictures and great business plans. I'm feeling kind of puny.

After taking a writing class this Spring, I feel like my writing skills may be a lot better than my beading skills and maybe that's what I need to focus on. Because, you know, it's just SO easy to sell a book and be a successful author (there's your dose of sarcasm, folks).

Erthe Fae Designs will remain open over the Summer. Just don't expect to see a lot of new stuff on the site.

Continue to watch this space to see what I bead when I just have fun.


  1. Their may be a lot of competition but sooner or later they will give up and quit... it's just a question of who goes first?

  2. Who goes first indeed...

    The large problem I am having is that many of the newer jewelry people entering the market do not charge for the hours they spend creating (as I do), which makes it hard to compete. I was looking at a site today where a woman was selling netted collars which she made... for $20.

    I'm trying not to wuss out... just really need a "recharge" and to get past all my gripes with the market and the work side of things!